Papaya History

Papaya was formed in 1986 by Rikke Forchhammer with the mission to bring the musical treasure of Africa – and the entailing stories – into the hearts and the homes of the Danish and European people. 

Through the years of Papaya´s history, the songs have increasingly been focused on the music of South Africa, and the group has now done numerous tours to South Africa - recently in April 2024. Papaya has shared quality time with the people that are forming South Africa of Today and along the years, countless choirs, singers and musical artists of this proud nation have generously shared their songs with us.

Trips to South Africa

We regularly travel to South Africa, and it is precisely the trips to South Africa that are the focal point of Papaya's work and the goal that the group is driven by.
It is here that new stories arise, new friendships are created and where music and dance take shape and are charged with meaning which we convey at our many concerts in and around Denmark. We take pride in making an effort - both with text, song, movements and the stories our friendship choirs share with us. We've just returned from South Africa in April 2024 and have brought home new songs as well as new stories, friendships and understanding of South Africa's history.